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Welcome to Rainscourt Family Law Solicitors.

We are a law firm located in central Milton Keynes, specialising in divorce and family law cases for high net worth individuals.

We represent clients in their divorce, financial proceedings upon separation or in disputes about children. We advise on complex cases, many of which involve international issues.

We use our experience to solve these cases efficiently, intelligently and empathetically for our clients, and we achieve exceptional results for them. We are the only firm of solicitors in central Milton Keynes exclusively dedicated to private family law.

If you need family law advice, we would be delighted to hear from you, and help you.

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What our clients say about our work

Katie not only possessed the knowledge, competencies and skills necessary to provide sound legal advice but also the behaviours required to reassure me at times of uncertainty, of which there were many…she responded perfectly, demonstrating excellent listening skills, empathy and even counselling skills to alleviate any concerns that I possessed. I would not hesitate to recommend Katie to anyone in need of her excellent legal skills, utter professionalism and sympathetic approach.
My experience with Katie was excellent. She gave me a an honest assessment of my case, highlighting the risks as well as what we could do to mitigate these. She was very responsive, answering my questions quickly and progressing my case as swiftly as the courts would allow. She was also very supportive from a personal point of view.The outcome was better than I could have imagined and she has helped me achieve a clean break from my ex-wife.
I have twice used Katie, in two long and complex set of proceedings to establish the routine and shared care arrangements of my two children, ensuring they have the full involvement of a fully engaged natural father . With these now concluded, I have nothing but praise for Katie’s help... Katie’s natural and professional demeanour was useful in the family court environment which I feel look more favourably on people who have a positive and constructive mind-set, rather than aggressive or focused on blame.