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7 Practical Tips for Getting Divorced

Seven useful practical tips for getting through the divorce process and for dealing with your solicitor.

  1. Divorce generates paperwork.  Much more that you would imagine. To make life easier, bulk buy yourself files, dividers, a filing cabinet, whatever you need to control the paper during the process;
  2. Divorce also generates electronic mail.  If you don’t have one, set yourself up with a secure and private email address which your spouse cannot get access to.  Work out how you are going to store your emails and attachments, so that you can refer back to them in the future with ease;
  3. Your solicitor will ask you for documentation. Scanned copies are easier and quicker (and probably cheaper overall) to deal with. Work out how you can scan and photocopy documents, and consider whether to invest in some hardware;
  4. If you are petitioning for divorce, you will need your marriage certificate.  If you do not have your certificate anymore, order a certified copy from the Government.
  5. Sort out your financial paperwork.  To resolve a financial dispute on divorce, you will need to provide 12 months of bank statements for all your accounts.  Start with this.  Then pull together all your documentation for all assets and liabilities.  If you don’t have everything, order copies. It is more cost effective to provide your solicitor with comprehensive financial disclosure to begin with, as then they will not need to ask you for the missing documents;
  6. At some point in the financial process, you may need to determine your mortgage capacity.  Get ahead of the curve by finding this out in advance.
  7. Make Rightmove your friend.  If you have an idea of the type of property you wish to move to, send links or print copies for your solicitor.  They will then be able to work with you towards your defined goal.


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