7 shrewd steps to remember when separating or moving out

One of our clients has kindly agreed to share some prudent advice for anyone considering separating from their spouse, or moving out of the martial home.

1. Change passcodes for your smartphones, tablets, personal computers.

2. Change all your passwords to any social media/email account/iCloud/photostream. You might also consider blocking your spouse from seeing your activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

3. Photostream – disable any computers from accessing this if you’ve left a computer at the former marital home.

4. Copy to a thumb drive/cloud storage all digital photographs (even if you have a shared account at the moment: it takes two seconds for your spouse to block it, and a lot of emotional energy to retrieve the photos).  Flickr offers a huge amount of storage for free.

5. If you are leaving the marital home ensure that you take at the following at the earliest opportunity

  • Your academic certificates
  • Your passport
  • Any items of sentimental importance; items that have been gifts to you.
  • Copies of loan agreements, mortgage, details of investments etc

6. Ensure you immediately redirect all your post to your new house; ensure that all sole bank statements/credit cards etc are immediately directed elsewhere.

7. Notify any schools which are attended by your children as soon as possible of your contact details etc to ensure you continue to be kept up to date.

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