Assisting Clients with Autism in Navigating the Family Court

At Rainscourt Family Law Solicitors, we are acutely aware of the unique challenges that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may face when dealing with the family court system. This recognition is echoed by our listing as a recommended resource on the National Autistic Society’s directory. We understand that for those with autism, the complexity and formality of legal proceedings related to divorce, separation, or child arrangement disputes can be overwhelming and intimidating. Our commitment is to provide the utmost support, empathy, and personalised service to make the legal process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Understanding the Additional Hurdles

The family court system, with its intricacies of legal language and established protocol, can present additional hurdles for individuals with autism. ASD, characterised by social communication difficulties and heightened sensitivity to environmental changes, can complicate the engagement with the legal process. For example, the legal jargon often used in court may create communication barriers, and the formal setting may trigger sensory sensitivities. Emotional sensitivity, another common aspect of autism, can also intensify the stress of family legal disputes.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Our team at Rainscourt Family Law Solicitors prides itself on understanding and addressing the unique needs of clients with autism. To this end, our approach includes:

  1. Demystifying Legal Language: We strive to present complex legal concepts and jargon in simple, straightforward language. We ensure that you fully understand the nuances of your case and the implications of each decision.
  2. Facilitating Clear Communication: We provide a buffer in formal court settings, communicating on your behalf and making sure your views are clearly presented and taken into account.
  3. Supporting Transition Management: Given that changes to routine can be particularly distressing for individuals with autism, we aim to maintain a consistent approach throughout the legal proceedings. This includes timely and thorough preparation for court dates, allowing you to anticipate and adjust to changes in advance.
  4. Addressing Sensory Sensitivities: We can request permission for a client to attend a hearing remotely, to enable them to control their environment.
  5. Identifying Your Needs Within the Court Process: We may suggest that we ask the court for an intermediary assessment to take place. An intermediary can help identify if any special measures should be put in place during court proceedings to ensure that your needs are met, particularly regarding communication.

Extending Support Beyond Courtroom

Our support for clients with autism is not limited to the court setting. We also assist in managing the significant changes that come with divorce or separation. This includes helping negotiate changes in living arrangements, restructuring financial responsibilities, and creating sensitive child arrangement plans.

For families with children with autism, we provide specific guidance to ensure the child’s best interests are safeguarded. This includes understanding the child’s unique needs and crafting a bespoke child arrangement plan that ensures their well-being.

How to Reach Us

Rainscourt Family Law Solicitors, based in Milton Keynes, specialise in complex divorce and family law cases, including those involving autism. Our expertise and empathetic approach have earned us recognition from the National Autistic Society.

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