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Family Law Cases and Judgments in England & Wales

Family law cases in England & Wales are dealt with in the Family Division of the High Court, by district judges in County Courts and in the Magistrates’ Courts. Many of the decisions of the family court are available to read online.

You can read more about where family law cases will be dealt with in our previous blog Will My Family Case Be Heard in the High Court?

Unfortunately, there is no one single directory of family law cases and judgments in the UK. Below is a list of useful sites which we use to find the text of judgments and decisions relating to family law. Most cases in the lower courts will not have the judgments reported online.

Supreme Court Decisions

The Supreme Court Decided Cases (2009 on)

High Court Decisions from BAILII (the British and Irish Legal Information Institute) 

Family Division of the High Court Decisions

Selected Family Court Judgments

Courts and Tribunals Judiciary Judgments

Family Law Week provide a very useful curated list of key family law cases.

Family Law Week Key Judgments

Important family law is also created by UK legislation which can be found on the official government site: The official home of UK Legislation.

Family Law Cases in the UK

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