Rainscourt Family Law Solicitors


What does this firm do?

We are a specialist divorce and end-of-relationship law firm. We can help you in all your family law issues and disputes.

How do I get divorced?

Please see our page on the divorce process.

Can you explain what a particular legal phrase or acronym means?

Please see our glossary on commonly used legal phrases in family law

Do you offer collaborative law?

Yes are trained collaborative law specialists.  We will advise you whether collaborative law is a suitable resolution method for your case. We are accredited by Resolution as a collaborative law firm.

Can I mediate?

Mediation is best entered alongside legal advice.  We will discuss with you whether your case is suitable for mediation, and advise you on suitable mediators to help you with your case.

How much will it cost me?

Please see our page on fees and costs.

If I am not satisfied with my current solicitor, can I instruct you?

If you wish to contact us for a second opinion on your case, please do.  If your solicitor is not proactively pursuing your case for you then we can discuss with you an alternative approach.  You can contact us here.  If you then decide you wish to transfer your case to us, we will contact your solicitor for you, and immediately arrange for your papers to be transferred to us.

Rainscourt Family Law Solicitors provide specialist divorce and family law advice in central Milton Keynes. This FAQ should answer some common questions.