Finances on Divorce

Resolving your finances on divorce

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It can be a surprise for clients to learn that there is not a formula they can access on the internet to resolve how finances should be divided between parties on divorce.  There are factors that the court will take into account, and we will advise you using our expertise how a court might view your case.

How we can help resolve your financial arrangements on divorce:

Contact us to discuss your situation.  We have extensive experience in dealing with cases with international assets, complex asset structures, and business assets.  We understand that this is an opaque process for you and will make sure that you feel in control of your case.  We also understand that sometimes clients wish to go on a fact finding exercise with their solicitor without committing to a course of action.

We can advise you on:

  • The different methods of reaching settlement;
  • The bracket of likely settlement in your case.

Please read our financial arrangements on divorce blog entries here.

Rainscourt Family Law Solicitors in Milton Keynes can help you negotiate and resolve your disputes about finances on divorce

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