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Fixed fee divorce now available

We are pleased to offer our clients a fixed fee divorce service for £1,600 (including VAT).

  • We will prepare a draft divorce petition for your approval, based on one of the five facts: adultery, unreasonable behaviour, 2 or 5 years of separation or adultery.
  • We will send a letter to your spouse or their solicitor to provide them with the draft divorce petition.
  • We will make amendments to the “statement of case” section of the petition requested within 14 days by your spouse, if this is in your best interests.
  • We will send the petition to the court for issuing.
  • We will update you when we issue the petition and when we receive notification from the court that the petition has been issued.
  • Once we receive an Acknowledgment of Service from your spouse, we will prepare a statement and application for Decree Nisi.
  • Your Decree Nisi application will be submitted to Court.
  • We will update you when we receive notification from the court that your Decree Nisi has been received and dealt with by the court.
  • We will prepare a Decree Absolute application to finalise your divorce.
  • We will update you when we receive notification from the court that your Decree Absolute has been dealt with by the court.
  • Throughout the process you will receive copies of the court documentation, together with tailored advice in respect of each document received.

You may also need to pay a court fee and additional costs for work not covered by the above. Please contact us for full details of our fixed fee offer.

Please contact us so that we can advise you:

  • How to proceed with the divorce, if you decide that is a course that you wish to take;
  • Whether you are entitled to divorce in England and Wales;
  • On any papers you receive and advise you on how best to deal with them;
  • How to secure your Decree Nisi;
  • On issues surrounding Decree Absolute, the final stage of divorce.

For more information on how to get divorced, read our guide to the divorce process here.

You can read about different ways to fund your divorce here.

This post was updated 06/01/2022

Autumn Mist by Richard Walker

Autumn Mist by Richard Walker

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