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Rainscourt Family Law Solicitors Fund Update 2017

This past year, we have been working with MK Community Foundation to fund local charities and community groups to support people in Milton Keynes suffering the consequences of family relationship breakdown. Our fund was launched in 2016. We are excited to have provided 3 groups and projects with the support they needed to carry out such important work;

MK Act is a charity in Milton Keynes that supports families’ to help them move on from fear and abuse by providing safe emergency accommodation for women and their children escaping domestic violence.

We have helped to fund an outreach worker within MK Act to assist individuals and families who are/have been affected by domestic abuse to meet their housing needs, by providing support to maintain and promote their independence and remain safely in their own housing setting and those that are ready to leave refuge or supported housing to resettle in the community. Between February 2016 and July 2017, MK Act have worked with 170 clients. To date, a total of 214 children of clients have also benefited.

Alongside this, we are supporting a project with Mediation MK. Mediation provide a mediation service for those in Milton Keynes who are experiencing relationship breakdown.

We have provided funding for Mediation MK to deliver a ‘Young Voices’ programme. This programme will allow 8 individuals and families of individuals between the ages of 5 years to 25 years to have equal access to services that will positively impact their lives. This project will allow access to education, training, employment, counselling, health, wellbeing and advocacy support for those ranging from young carers or young people leaving care, young people at risk of or suffering the harmful effects of domestic and child abuse and to offer support for families where there is a family court dispute involving parents of children in their targeted core group. Activities funded include literature for the programme, as well as delivery of art therapy.

To round off the year we have funded YiS Youth Counselling Service, a charity that provides free and confidential counselling for young people aged 11-21 who live, learn or work in Milton Keynes. YiS have been recognised by British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy by demonstrating their ability to operate a high standard talking therapy service.

We are supporting their project to fund a part-time member of staff who will identify clients who would benefit from specific counselling interventions whilst developing their working relationships with local schools and counselling services for young people experiencing difficulties due to family relationship breakdown. This year 95% of clients felt their service had helped them ‘move on’ and according to ‘clinical outcomes in routine evaluation’ 95% of their clients demonstrate either ‘recovery’ or ‘reliable improvement,’ that is they showed significantly reduced stress. We are hopeful that our support will see valuable positive changes this year so that local people can have increased access to good quality support and advice in times of difficulty, to help the alleviation of stresses that are associated with the breakdown of family relationships.

MK Community Foundation

MK Community Foundation

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