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How can I make my divorce amicable?

Most separating couples want to keep their divorce amicable. There is sometimes an understandable reluctance from newly separated people to obtain legal advice, as they are concerned that they will be opening the door to a big Netflix style legal drama.

In reality, obtaining early legal advice is a way of ensuring that your separation can remain amicable, as you will be advised what is important and what is not important from a legal perspective when it comes to a divorce.  Many of the issues which may have felt important to the parties at the breakdown of the relationship have very little bearing on the final financial division of the assets or the arrangements for the children.

It is important not to become too entrenched in the outcome you are seeking until you have received advice about the range of possible outcomes to your family dispute.  There is always a bracket of potential outcomes in any family law dispute.

It is also advisable to be mindful about the effect of any communications you have with your former partner.  By keeping your communications practical and effective, it will avoid the risk of misinterpretation and mistrust.

A breakdown of a relationship is an immensely stressful occasion in someone’s life, and it may be beneficial to seek professional emotional support, to run simultaneously alongside the legal advice you are receiving. 

There is always a balance to be had between maintaining an amicable working relationship with your ex, whilst also ensuring that you receive a financial outcome which is fair and meets your needs, and that any arrangements put in place for the children are in their best interests. The purpose of good legal advice is to ensure that you are making the best long-term decisions for you and your family. If you make the right decisions during the divorce process, this will help you reach a fair and amicable outcome.

Amicable divorce

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