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Moving House During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Crisis

If you have recently separated or divorced, you may have a court order setting out the terms of the financial arrangements which now need to be put into place or “implemented” by moving house. Alternatively, you may now be considering separation or divorce, and contemplating what your housing options may be during this period of lockdown.

Divorce or separation often results in a house sale and moving. The government provided updating advice on property transactions on 26 March, which places specific restrictions on person to person contact during a move, for example, placing restrictions on removal companies.  However, we have been in touch with local agents who have confirmed that conveyancing solicitors, mortgage lenders and estate agents remain open to enable transactions to proceed provided they can do so in compliance with current restrictions.   

You can read the current Govnerment guidance here.

Is your property vacant? If so, your house sale can still take place during the pandemic.  Speak to your estate agent about whether they know of any buyers urgently seeking accommodation. 

If you were unable to market your property before the pandemic, it will not be possible to allow agents into your property until the conclusion of the pandemic.  However, you can use this time to agree which agent and conveyancing solicitor you are going to instruct, and start the process of instruction, so you are able to market your property as swiftly as possible after the end of the lockdown period. 

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, it may not be safe for you to remain living in your family home until the end of the Stay at Home period.  The government has confirmed that domestic abuse victims are exempt from the Stay at Home rules. You can read more here.

You may need to think about sourcing urgent vacant accommodation.  A short term let or serviced apartment could be secured to provide you with temporary housing. 

Our office remains fully operational during the Coronavirus Crisis lockdown.

Visit our Coronavirus COVID-19 Family Law Resource Centre to get free and recently updated knowledge relating to family law issues in the current crisis.

Moving House During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Crisis
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