How to change your name on official documents after divorce or separation

Our clients will sometimes choose to change their name after a divorce or separation from a spouse or partner.

The Home Office has released a new policy (16/08/16) on how it deals with any requests for a change of name on official documents. The policy can be viewed here: Home Office – Use and Change of Names

This policy will apply to:

 British Passport, including Emergency travel documents and emergency passports;
 Home Office Travel Documents;
 Biometric residence permits;
 Visas;
 Right of Abode and certificates of entitlement; and
 Residence Documents issued to EEA nationals and their family members, including derivative categories.

If you want to change your name on any of the above documents, you will need to provide official documentary evidence, normally a “Deed Poll” (except where the change is needed to protect a vulnerable victim of crime).

Foreign nationals and holders of foreign passport holders will need to provide additional evidence to support any name change.

The Home Office can refuse to accept a name change in certain circumstances, for example where the applicant has been convicted of offences related to fraudulently obtained documents.

Other official documents which a records of events which have already taken place, such as a birth certificate or a naturalisation certificate, cannot be amended with a new name.

UK Passports by Karen Bryan

UK Passports by Karen Bryan

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