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What or who is FDR?

An FDR is a Financial Dispute Resolution hearing, a meeting held at court for the purposes of negotiation and discussion. It is the second of three court appointments in a financial remedy claim on divorce, in which the couple in dispute must use their best endeavours to reach agreement.

FDR are of course also the initials of American President Franklin D Roosevelt. The President who took the US through the Great Depression, appears to have said many famous things, a number of which rather seem to fit in a blog about FDRs. He said in his second inaugural address that “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.” This quote rather mirrors how a district judge might consider a case at an FDR: treating division of the assets with fairness to meet everyone’s needs. He also said “We can afford all that we need; but we cannot afford all that we want” which again is likely to mirror the comments a district judge makes that neither party will walk away with everything on their “want” list.

At the point at which the couple go to court they will have probably exchanged financial information and may have exchanged Without Prejudice offers. The District Judge will read the papers and give an indication on his or her thoughts on the case. He or she will remind the couple of the costs of proceeding to Final Hearing, and encourage settlement if possible. The judge will try to mediate between the parties by advising what he or she would do if asked to decide matters at a Final Hearing.

There may also be the essence of an FDR quote in their comments too.

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